$99 Dollar Drain Cleaning

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Here’s how the $99 Dollar Drain Cleaning for Clogged Drains works:

  • There is no “House Call” fee on Clogs.
  • This applies only to residential stoppages.
  • Applies to all appointments run during normal business hours 7 AM – 7 PM, 7 Days a week (Yes we can clear that Sunday or Saturday clog so you don’t have to miss work)
  • Excludes major holidays
  • Clogs must be fixable by cabling method. Rate does not include jetting and other advanced methods.
  • Chemical Drain Cleaner in drain line does not apply*
  • Clogs or blockages must be reasonably accessible. We cannot place our plumbers in hazardous positions.
  • We do not go through roof vents. This is a very effective way to cause roof leaks but an ineffective way of clearing stopped drains.
  • This is a “per clog” rate.

* Additional charge if caustic chemicals were used in the drain line.

Drain Cleaing

No Drain Cleaning or Clogged Drain too Large or too Difficult for Mike Diamond Services.

WARNING: When others advertise drain cleaning for less than us there is something wrong.  Ask if that drain cleaner is licensed and if they have business insurance.  How many years have they been in business?  Do they use the safest and most up to date methods?  Mike Diamond Services has been active in our community working in the finest homes for over 37 years.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with our installation or service repair, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for FREE.

Advantages of Properly Installed Clean-Out

  • May prevent flooding inside home
  • Lower “per Blockage” cost
  • Easier to locate the sewer line
  • Makes Clogs accessible to regular-size blades and cables
  • Enables access by Hydro Jet if needed
  • Closer to stoppage with fewer turns, giving cable added strength for better cleaning.
  • No messy drain cables and machines inside your home

FAQ’s About Clogs and Roof Vents

  • Does not thoroughly clear blockages
  • Creates the potential for roof leaks
  • Cannot use the right size blade
  • Should never go through a smaller pipe to clear a pipe of larger diameter. This is an excellent way to get the cable stuck in the drain line.
  • Drain vents use non-directional fittings which are different than actual drain lines. Very often this results in trapped cables.
  • The vents are too far from the stoppage. Working through too many turns reduces the strength and effectiveness of the cable.
  • It is unnecessarily dangerous and we don’t want anybody getting hurt.

This applies to plumbing calls only. In the event of a delay on a stoppage call, please ask for a free “House Call Certificate” for your future plumbing needs.

We do not clean main drains or sewer through an interior cleanout. Opening an inside cleanout when the drain is backed up will allow sewage to run out into your inside living space.

We do not remove toilets to gain access to clear a main drain or sewer.

Having a drain cleaning machine and cable, where the cable was just pulled out of someone else’s sewer, is not something you want inside your living space.

Readily accessible sewer or main drain cleanout must be 3″ or larger, plug or cover joined to an opening in the pipe, which can be removed for the purpose of cleaning or examining the interior of the pipe. Cleanouts under the house are not considered accessible.

If we can’t clear your blockage by cabling method, we will not charge you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with our installation or service repair, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for FREE.

Please Note:

We do not provide services for Area Drains, Patio Drains, Deck Drains, Pool Drains, Roof Drains, Yard Drains and Rain Gutters.

Height Restrictions: All repairs must to be on the 1st or 2nd floor of any multistory building and no service will be provided to buildings (regardless of the floor) that are taller than ten stories.

 “I guarantee my plumber will show up on time and smell good, or your house call is free!”

Plumbing Alert: Natural gas pipelines may be present in clogged sewer lines outside of the home.   Read the Southern California Gas Company warning here.