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Call for 24-Hour Plumbing & Drain Cleaning 1-800-446-6453 Click to Call

$99 Dollar Drain Cleaning

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Expires: 12/31/2016

Coupon Codes:

$99 Drain Cleaning for Clogged Drains: 2fd0839c
*Free House Call Coupon Code: 4c440324

$99 Dollar Drain Cleaning Terms and Conditions

  • This is a “per clog” rate, applies to residential plumbing calls only
  • Toilet removal not included
  • Homeowners only
  • All appointments run during normal business hours 7 AM – 7 PM, 7 Days a week excluding major holidays
  • In the event of a delay on a stoppage call, please ask for a free “House Call Certificate” for your future plumbing needs.
  • Rate applies to cabling method only. If we can’t clear your blockage by cabling method we will not charge you.
  • Clogs or blockages must be reasonably accessible, we do not go through roof vents.
  • Sewer or main drain cleanout must be 3″ or larger, plug or cover joined to an opening in the pipe that can be removed.
  • Height Restrictions: All repairs must to be on the 1st or 2nd floor of any multistory building and no service will be provided to buildings (regardless of the floor) that are taller than ten stories.
  • We do not provide services for Area Drains, Patio Drains, Deck Drains, Pool Drains, Roof Drains, Yard Drains and Rain Gutters.

Additional charge if caustic chemicals were used in the drain line

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mike Diamond Services has been providing drain cleaning services in the finest homes for over 39 years. We provide training to certify our plumbers as qualified drain cleaning experts, which means superior service and cost savings to you. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with our drain cleaning or plumbing service, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for FREE.

WARNING: When others advertise drain cleaning for less than us there is something wrong.  Ask if that drain cleaner is licensed and if they have business insurance.  How many years have they been in business?  Do they use the safest and most up to date methods?

Plumbing Alert: Natural gas pipelines may be present in clogged sewer lines outside of the home.   Read the Southern California Gas Company warning here.