Our plumbers will show up on time and smell good or the house call is free.*

Why is Mike Diamond known throughout the greater Los Angeles, CA and Orange County area as the “Smell Good Plumber”®? The problem with most plumbers and home service professionals, …well they just aren’t very professional. That’s why Mike Diamond has worked for decades to change all that. Mike Diamond, the Original Smell Good Plumber®, is known as the most efficient and best run plumbing and home repair businesses in the country. Other Plumbing companies seek Mike Diamond’s advice and knowledge to help them run their plumbing businesses to be just like the Smell Good Plumber®.

*There is no ‘House Call” fee on Clogs.  This applies to plumbing calls only. In the event of a delay on a stoppage call, please ask for a free “House Call Certificate” for your future plumbing needs.

Perhaps the advertisements below tell the story best.